Hall #3

Alternative energy – invest with maximum efficiency!

  15:30 – 17:00
  by prior registration


Title: Alternative Energy – Investing With Maximum Efficiency! Hints for the crowd!

  • Energy resources – gold of the 21st century;
  • Global trends in the world;
  • Current alternatives to energy in Ukraine:

– heat pumps

– solar collectors

– solid fuel boilers

– wind turbines

– solar power plants.

How to start saving today?

How to invest and create an autonomous business.

  • Where we build and place AE objects. Land and infrastructure aspects from the point of view of lawyers
    Speaker: Alexander Donchevsky – Director of Alteco

Kirill Levterov, Partner of the Law Firm of OMP

Beginning at 15:30

Completion 17:30

The registration fee for the participation of one participant is 500 UAH without VAT

Special terms for participation in the seminar:

For regular clients of Altecoat, the law firm of OMP is a 10% discount.
subject to participation in 2 seminars (Agribusiness – how to stay on the crest of the waves and Alternative energy) – an additional discount of 5%
Regarding registration, please contact the organizers by calling +38 044 391 3001, 095 497 6605 or gb@omp.ua (Galina Brun, Marketing Director of the OMP Legal Firm).

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