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Agribusiness. How to stay on the crest of the wave? Land, Asset Purchase/Sale, Security

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About land lease 2019. Improvement or “improvement”? What’s new

  • Formation of united arrays – we overcome the chessboard
  • Collective property land, field roads and forest bands.
  • Non-consumable / Unallocated
  • Land auction 2019.

Purchasing and selling assets – a great game in Ukrainian. Legal advice from agents of law

How are agricultural companies evaluated? Corporate rights, land bank, infrastructure

Structuring an agreement.

Legal shock therapy or doing business in a siege? Modern security techniques

  • IT security and fraud prevention. What do you want to pay attention to?
  • Fundamentals of the safety service of the agribusiness enterprise.

The speaker is Kirill Levterov, a partner at the OMP Legal Firm

Beginning at 12:30 (with coffee breaks)

Completion at 15:30

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  • For regular clients of Altecoat, the law firm of OMP is a 10% discount.
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